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X703D Q5


  • 7” AUDI Q5

    Enjoy your journey from the first second you start your car. With Alpine’s all new premium infotainment systems for your Audi, you and your family will experience a whole new level of entertainment, premium sound quality and the most advanced navigation system on the road.

    Designed for the digital media age, the X703D-Q5 is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready to play the latest music file formats including FLAC high-resolution music for outstanding audiophile sound reproduction. Equipped with DAB+ you can enjoy digital radio broadcasts and the HDMI input enables display of video and content output from smartphones, a DVD player or other devices.

    Navigation is more advanced than ever before with the all-new Primo 3.0 user interface and processing power for seamless operation and the display of rich content such as 3D landmarks and cityscapes with superb clarity. Premium navigation features include live traffic information with smart routing, 4WD off-road maps, fixed safety camera alerts, 3 years free map updates and an extensive POI database.

    System Compatibility: Chorus/Concert/Symphony Factory Radio. (MMI Navigation or Navigation Plus are not supported: 2008-2015 models)*

    3D Landmarks
    The 3D display mode with 3D landmarks brings a greater perspective to your navigation guidance. With the identifiable landmarks you can easily confirm your location and orientation at a glance.

     Lane Guidance
    With this convenient guidance feature, you're not only instructed the next turn, but also which lane you should be in. Lane guidance makes your motorway exiting easier and a more safer experience.

    MediaXpander Plus
    This exclusive Alpine technology restores sound quality that is lost in the recording or transmission processes. No adjustments are necessary, you just push a button. MediaXpander+ is especially good for making compressed digital audio on iPod or other players sound better, but it is also effective for old recordings on CD, and also improves the bass from factory installed speakers.

    POI Search
    With hundreds of thousands of POI's (Points of Interest) at your fingertips, you're sure to find the nearest petrol station, restaurant, shopping centre, bank, and much more. Plus, you can store up to 100 user POI's.

    Radio Data System
    RDS is a communications protocol which sends small amounts of digital information to your head unit. This allows you to view extra radio information, including station name and now playing track/artist information.

    Safety Alerts
    When approaching a fixed speed camera and red light camera you are alerted to the location with an icon and warning sound. Plus, speed limit and school zone alert helps you drive safely.

    Rear USB for iPhone/iPod
    Connect your iPhone/iPod using rear USB input, the included USB cable can be conveniently located to the centre console or glove compartment for easy access and connection to your device.

    Sub Woofer Level
    Ability to control the Sub Woofer Levels.

    Text-To-Speech Guidance
    Alpine makes your driving experience safer and stress free. The selectable voice guidance gives you attentive instructions including spoken street names, so you keep your eyes on the road when navigating.

    USB Cable Included
    A USB extension cable is included to route the connector to a convenient location such as the glove box or centre console.

    USB for iPod or iPhone and MP3/WMA/AAC
    The USB connection provides seamless access and playback of your audio content stored on your iPod® or iPhone®. It also lets you enjoy the convenient playback of MP3/WMA/AAC audio files stored on USB media devices such as memory sticks and portable hard disc drives. What’s more, Alpine’s quick search function provides easy file and folder search, as well as alphabetical ordering and DRM10 (Digital Rights Management)* compatibility.

    WVGA High Resolution Display
    WVGA screen technology delivers ultra-high-resolution for stunning image clarity and vivid colours. Plus, Visual Enhancement technology provides a clear picture and amazing contrast in very dark or bright scenes. This is the best display panel Alpine has ever offered.

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