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Light It Up!

Take control of your ride with Stinger enLIGHT10! Personalize cars, boats, golf carts, and more to match your style. Unlike standard RGB lighting, the enLIGHT10 features a dynamic RGB configuration for the true custom lighting patterns.

Designed for the Elements

Thick weatherproof covering makes these ideal for marine, power sports, RV, ATV, UTV, or any application that needs to withstand the elements.

You’re in Control

Control your enLIGHT10 lighting system with the included RF remote control, via our downloadable ENLIGHT10 Application (available on iOS or Android), or direct control on the Stinger HEIGH10 Infotainment menu!

Perfect Fit

Can be mounted virtually anywhere. Use as an undercar LED kit, interior LED lighting or trunk/boot installations!



  • Endless dynamic color combinations and patterns
  • Control your light show with the proprietary Stinger enLIGHT10 app
  • HEIGH10® compatible so you can adjust your lighting directly from your infotainment system
  • IP65 waterproof rating for the most extreme environments
  • Rugged watertight connections
  • Strips can be cut every 2″ and applied with included 3M® adhesive pad
  • Good for interior or exterior configurations

What Do You Get?

The Stinger SPXDUBKIT comes with

  • 2x 155cm LED Strips (Can be used for vehicle side)
  • 4x 52cm LED Strips (Can be used front and rear)
  • 6x 10’ Extension Harnesses
  • 1x SPXDBTC (Bluetooth Controller)
  • 1x RF Remote Control
  • 18x Mounting Brackets
  • 43x Mounting Screws
  • 1x 1.5”x 2.5” 3M® Adhesive Pad
  • 14x 8” Zip Ties