Stinger Roadkill Expert Sound Damping Bulk Kit

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RoadKill’s Expert Bulk Pack is the ideal solution for any one looking to kill noise, DOA.

Improve your speaker bass response and overall sound performance. Most vehicles come equipped with speakers,

but let’s face it, it's not the best environment for high-quality sound.

As your listening to your favorite tunes, the thin metal in the door or speaker cavity vibrates as your music plays, and the louder your music is, the more rattle you’ll hear.

Stinger Roadkill ‘Mass Loads’ these panels to give a more solid surface for better bass response and improved speaker output.

Even factory speakers can improve amazingly from Stinger Roadkill!

 Stinger Roadkill Expert is made from a proprietary ultra-dense butyl blend that absorbs acoustic energy followed by a top layer of aluminum layer to help with heat dissipation.

Designed for metal panels, doors, roof, floor, firewall & trunks.


What Do You Get?

Each Stinger Roadkill Bulk Kit (RKX36B) Includes:

Sheet Count: 9 Sheets of RoadKill Expert

Coverage: Total coverage of 36sq feet (18″ x 32″)

Minimum thickness: 2.032mm

Weight: 0.30kg

Aluminum layer thickness: 6mm

Application temperature: -62°C to 149°C