Stinger Roadkill Overkill Foam Damping Mat

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Stinger Roadkill OVERKILL destroys the rattles dead in its tracks.

Improve your speaker bass response and overall sound performance. Most vehicles come equipped with speakers,

but let’s face it, its not the best environment for high-quality sound.

Stinger RoadKill Overkill foam damping mat eliminates unwanted noises that can diminish your audio system’s performance. When used with Stinger Roadkill Expert, this creates the ultimate defence against road noise and poor speaker performance.

It also can be used to cut speaker gaskets.

Reduce rattles and squeaks with OVERKILL! & trunks.


What Is It Exactly?

Stinger Roadkill OVERKILL is a dense 1/4″ thick foam that can be used for interior panels like doors and interior plastics. With its spongy design, this foam will absorb vibrations of trims or plastics pushed up against it.

It easily conforms to most panels and can be used with or without Stinger Roadkill Expert sheets.


What Do You Get?

Each Stinger Roadkill OVERKILL Kit (RKO12) Includes:

Sheet Count: 1 Roll/Sheet of Roadkill OVERKILL Matting

Coverage: Total coverage of 12sq feet (32″ x 54″)

Minimum thickness: 6mm

Damping weight: 0.11kg