Stinger Roadkill Carpet Foam Pad

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Stinger Roadkill Carpet Pad, a great addition to any vehicle to help reduce road noise

Stinger Roadkill Carpet Pad is a foam damping pad designed to be used on floors and transmission humps of vehicles.

It reduces road noise by being placed between the floor of the vehicle and the vehicle carpet or vinyl existing covering.

A fantastic add-on for any vehicle especially after applying Stinger Roadkill Expert sound damping.


What Is It Exactly?

Stinger Roadkill Carpet Pad is a dual layer constructed product.

Firstly featuring a high-density semi-closed cell foam is applied for that extra luxury cushioning found in high end vehicles.

 Secondly followed by a high-mass butyl-vinyl decoupling layer for improved road noise reduction.


What Do You Get?

Each Stinger Roadkill Carpet Pad Kit (RKCP12) Includes:

Sheet Count: 1 Roll/Sheet of RoadKill Carpet Pad Material

Coverage: Total coverage of 12sq feet (32″ x 54″)

Minimum thickness: 7.8mm

Damping weight: 0.11kg