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The PAC VS41 is a perfect complement to the versatile universal mount back-up and side blind spot elimination cameras from EchoMaster. Add multiple cameras to your vehicle.

Multi Camera Input

Any aftermarket infotainment system with a CVBS reverse camera input can now be turned into a multi camera system thanks to the VS-41 from PAC.


Improve your vehicle with the last vehicle technology and driver assist capabilities.

Great for adding

Forward Facing Camera

Blind Spot Cameras (left and right)

While retaining the ability of adding a reverse camera.


It can also be used as just a 4 way camera switching device when using trailer cameras.


With its 12v Trigger output, whenever a camera input channel is triggered, the aftermarket infotainment system will automatically switch to the desired camera input.

Easy Trigger Options

The PACVS41 is designed for use with vehicle indicator circuits as well as reverse trigger trigger.

With its 3-sec delay built-in, when using the vehicles indicator circuits there is no issues with flashing indicators signals.

Designed for use with select PAC BCI and RadioPRO adaptors to expand video inputs on factory infotainment systems. (BCI and RadioPRO not included)

PAC Audio Reliability

With over 40 years of experience, based out of Florida, USA each PAC product is designed for reliability and high quality.

Each product is tested extensively through its design phase and construction to last just as you would want it to.

What Do You Get?

The PAC VS41 kit includes:

  • Universal Camera interface
  • Multi Camera Interface Harness
  • Instruction Manual


Compatibility Notes

  • If you are using the VS41 with another PAC interface, such as a BCI-, RP4.2-, or RPA-, with an Expansion Port, simply connect the 10-pin connector into the module. Do not manually wire the positive or negative trigger wires. The BCI-RP4.2-, or RPA- module will digitally control the VS41 switching operation when connected to the Expansion Port.
  • The VS41 video output will always default to the signal from Input 1 when none of the input triggers are activated. This Input is ideal for connecting the rear (reverse) camera.
  • The VS41 inputs have priority in descending numerical order. For example: If you have Input 3 or 4 triggered, then you trigger a lower number input (for example Input 2), Input 2 will take priority over the higher numbered Input.
  • The input triggers can accept either a pulsed or constant input, making them ideal for connecting to a turn signal as a trigger.
  • The reverse trigger output will provide a 150 mA 12v (+) trigger while any of the input triggers are activated.
  • Upon deactivation of the last positive or negative trigger, the last video input source and the reverse trigger output will remain active for an additional 3 seconds. (Not applicable when used with a BCI-, RP4.2-, or RPA- interface).
  • Positive Input triggers accept input voltages in the range of 2v to 12v.


Important Product Compatibility Information
Manufacturer Part Number


Input Channels

4x RCA Video Inputs (Selectable via Positive or Negative Triggers)

Output Channels

1x RCA Video Output


For product updates and compatibility visit PAC Audio Universal Multi Camera Switching Interface - Australian Car Audio (