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Helix P Series Monoblock Amplifier 

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Raw power – Total control

Loads of power and tremendous stability: Our new P ONE MK2 is the ideal performance package for any subwoofer configuration. With up to 1,800 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm, the upgrade to our powerful mono amplifier is going to rev up any woofer while always maintaining full control due to its enormous damping factor.

High-Res Audio and a fully digital signal chain

The P ONE MK2 is designed for more than just driving subwoofers. With its particularly wide frequency range up to 40 kHz and excellent signal-to-noise ratio as well as the extremely low THD, you can expect nothing less than High-Res sound quality, making it well suited for the use as a fullrange amplifier.
Due to the newly integrated optical digital input, an interference-free and ground-isolated signal transmission in the best possible quality all the way into the amplifier is now possible. The input receives signals up to a 96 kHz sampling rate lossless via light conductor and converts them back to the analog level via a cutting-edge 32-Bit BurrBrown D/A converter. Thus, the P ONE MK2 can be perfectly combined with one of our DSP amplifiers with optical digital output, for example the HELIX P SIX DSP ULTIMATE.

Extremely high power density with particularly compact dimensions

In terms of power density, the P ONE MK2 plays in a different league. No other HELIX amplifier includes so much power into such a compact package. This unique power-to-size ratio enabled by our extraordinary efficient Class D concept, which goes hand in hand with exceptionally low heat dissipation.


  • High performance Class D mono amplifier with up to 1,800 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm – a perfect match for all 2 x 2 Ohms subwoofers connected in parallel
  • High-res capability thanks to an extended audio frequency response of over 40 kHz for unsurpassed sound quality
  • Extremely high efficiency and low heat dissipation with minimal dimensions
  • High damping factor for maximum speaker control
  • Digital, optical signal input in SPDIF format including SPDIF Direct In switch for routing the digital input signal directly and losslessly to the power stage
  • BurrBrown D/A signal converter of the latest generation with a resolution of 32 Bit
  • Switchable Subsonic filter
  • Regulated power supply with Start-Stop capability for extremely stable output power even during voltage drops
  • SMD (Surface Mounted Device) manufacturing technology combines minimum space requirement with maximum reliability
  • Input Mode switch to adapt the amplifier to the input signal
  • Perfectly combinable with HELIX P SIX DSP ULTIMATE amplifier

Special features:

Fully digital

Thanks to its digital input, the HELIX P ONE MK2 enables a completely interference-free and ground-isolated signal transmission in best possible quality right into the amplifier. The input can handle digital audio signals up to a sampling rate of 96 kHz losslessly via fiber optics cable and converts them back to the analog level via a cutting-edge BurrBrown D/A converter.
But that's not all– in order to get the very last bit of performance out of the amplifier and avoid even the slightest influence of its input stage, the SPDIF Direct In function can be used to route the audio signal directly and without any detours to the output stages of the amplifier.

High-Resolution audio

The extremely wide frequency range up to 40 kHz enables lossless audio reproduction of High-Resolution audio content to provide the best possible sound in studio quality.

Signal converters with a native resolution of 32 Bit

The HELIX P ONE MK2 uses for the optical input a high-class D/A signal converter of the latest generation with a native resolution of 32 Bit instead of the common 24 Bit. The result is an unprecedented precision in signal conversion that especially optimizes the sound quality at lower signal levels.

Start-Stop capability

The switched power supply of the HELIX P ONE MK2 assures operation even if the battery’s voltage drops down to 6 Volts during engine crank.

Technical data

Power RMS  ≤ 1% THD+N  
- @ 4 Ohms 1 x 500 Watts  
- @ 2 Ohms 1 x 880 Watts 
- @ 1 Ohm 1 x 1,500 Watts 
- bridged @ 4 Ohms
- bridged @ 2 Ohms
Max. output power per channel* Up to 1.800 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohms
Amplifier technology Class D
Inputs 2 x RCA / Cinch
1 x Remote In
1 x Optical SPDIF (28 - 96 kHz) 
Input sensitivity RCA / Cinch 0.5 - 8 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch 20 kOhms
Input impedance highlevel -
Outputs 1 x Speaker output
Output voltage RCA / Cinch
Signal converter for digital input BurrBrown 32 Bit DA converter
Frequency response 21 Hz - 40,000 Hz
Bass boost -
Highpass -
Lowpass -
Bandpass -
Subsonic 21 Hz 
Slope high- / lowpass -
Slope subsonic / lowpass Butterworth 48 dB/Oct.
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input 110 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 110 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD) < 0.01 %
Damping factor > 450
Operating voltage 10.5 - 17 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Idle current 1500 mA
Operating temperature range -40° C to +70° C
Fuse 4 x 30 A LP-Mini-fuse (APS)
Power rating DC 12 V ⎓ 160 A max.
Additional features Input mode switch, SPDIF Direct In switch, Start-Stop capability
Dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 260 x 190 mm /
1.97 x 10.24 x 7.48”

* In typical applications as subwoofer amplifier

Scope of delivery

1 x Amplifier HELIX P ONE MK2
1 x Instruction manual



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