KPX-100B Alpine Idle Stop Power Booster

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In many modern vehicles, a Start-Stop or Stop-Start (Idle Stop) system automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to lessen the amount of time spent idling, essentially reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The KPX-100B eliminates problems commonly seen with this technology which can cause various voltage drops in CD Tuners and Mobile Media Stations. This can lead to the unit turning off when the vehicle cranks the engine at the traffic lights.

By detecting the battery voltage of the vehicle, the KPX-100B can then buffer the output voltage at 12VDC when sudden drops in the input voltage are detected. The KPX-100B is equipped with a DC/DC converter which is controlled by a microprocessor that is continuously monitoring the input voltage. In standby mode current will bypass the DC/DC converter. When activated by a sudden voltage drop, the DC/DC converter will engage and stabilise the output voltage to 12 VDC.

The KPX-100B is suitable for buffering a CD Tuner, Mobile Media Station, or similar product plus a steering wheel remote control interface, enabling installs into vehicles that were previously not possible due to their restrictive technologies.

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