KCX-C250MC | Alpine Multi-Camera Selector Interface

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Multi-Camera Selector Interface

The latest Alpine innovation brings you an interface allowing for connection of up to three Alpine direct connection cameras. The KCX-C250MC is compatible with our latest Alpine head units featuring direct camera input, such as the iLX-702D, INE-W977A, INE-W710D, X208AU, X802D-U and the X902D-F.

Alpine front, rear and side cameras can be controlled and set up via the head unit screen. With the latest premium navigation, there is no need to use a separate controller to control all your camera views and select a different camera to view. Simply select from the navigation stations touchscreen with compatible multi-view cameras, or engage reverse gear to trigger the rear view camera.

With this solution you have various options to greatly expand the vehicles visibility levels and safety, making parking and reversing a breeze. Your options include the ability to add an additional camera to the rear of a trailer or a customised side camera installation.

Please note this is just an interface allowing for the connection of Alpine cameras, no cameras are included.

  • Connection of Multiple Cameras to your Alpine System
  • 3 Direct Camera Inputs / selectable from the touch screen
  • Compatible with ILX-702D, ILX-507A, ILX-F509A, ILX-F511A