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Alpine Vehicle Specific Solution for BMW E46 (1998-2004)

    • 7” High-Res Audio Receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay
    • Android Auto (USB)
    • HDMI
    • USB 
    • Dual Camera
    • Bluetooth
    • Hi-Res Audio Wireless
    • LDAC
    • DAB+

    Exclusively designed for the BMW E46 Series, Alpine have re-engineered the iLX-705D to create the perfect solution, providing a new level of entertainment for this luxurious BMW.

    The iLX-705D is equipped with an exquisite high-definition WXGA display, Hi-Res Audio with LDAC wireless technology, as well as industry-leading innovation to reproduce the most dynamic audio experience ever from a head unit.

    Enjoy an incredible visual entertainment experience through the WXGA high-resolution display with 2.7 million individual pixel elements. The iLX-705D brings life-like images and colour vibrancy to the dashboard, displaying HDMI sources or USB video in stunning high-definition.

    Wireless lets you get in and go with instant connectivity to Apple CarPlay. Without your smartphone ever leaving your pocket you can make calls, send and receive messages, stream high-resolution music, access maps and navigation apps—commanding it all via the display or voice control. Android Auto is also available via USB connection.

    Enjoy superb audio fidelity with your favourite high-resolution audio tracks from USB, or streaming services and apps via a smartphone. The iLX-705D is fully complaint to Hi-Res Audio specifications, ensuring your music is reproduced with clarity and authenticity as the artist intended.

    A world-first innovation, the iLX-705D is equipped with a powerful built-in Class-D amplifier to deliver the richness and acoustic crescendos of virtually any music style and live performances through any loudspeaker.

    Making high-resolution sound sources even better, the built-in sound tuning allows you make easy one-touch audio adjustments to suit your preference. In the advanced tuning mode, you have vast array functions such as a 56-band parametric EQ, digital crossover and time-correction, letting you setup and tune the system like a pro.

    The iLX-705D represents a new benchmark in the 7” multimedia head unit category by offering a unique collaboration of high-specification audio, visual and wireless connectivity, delivering unmatched performance and value.

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