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GZHW 30XSPL-D2 12" Subwoofer

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Ground Zero Audio 30 cm / 12″ (Dual 2Ω) High Performance SPL Subwoofer

Description | Specification

When you can’t fit a 15 inch subwoofer in your ride, then the next best option is two 12 inch subs right? The Ground Zero Hydrogen series 30XSPL (like it’s big brother the 38XSPL) isn't just any old subwoofer…Oh no, it's a true workhorse of the low frequency world. The sub-frequency output on the 30XSPL is so linear and authoritative you'll feel like you're swimming in a sea of pure bass. It's like having your own personal earthquake in your car, but without all the pesky damage to your property.

And don't even get us started on the build quality. This subwoofer is serious well put together it could survive a nuclear apocalypse. It's like a tank, but with more bass…if tanks had bass.

This is a great entry subwoofer into the world of Ground Zero bass! Just be prepared to have your mind blown, and possibly your windows shattered. But hey, that's just the price you pay for perfection.

Specifications / Information:

  • 12″ high quality SPL subwoofer

  • Klippel® optimized

  • Reinforced paper cone

  • Long stroke U-surround

  • Solid aluminum cast basket

  • 75 mm / 3″ copper voice coil

  • 2-layer Polycot spider

  • IMPP dust cap with 3D structure logo

  • Efficiency 85 dB

  • Power Recommendation 1500 – 3000 Watts

  • Voice Coil 75 mm / 3" CCA

  • Membrane Layout Reinforced paper

  • Max. Excursion (Xmax) 45 mm / 1.77"

  • Mounting Ø 284mm / 11.18"

  • Mounting Depth 198 mm / 7.80"

  • Resonance Frequency (Fs) 39.1 Hz

  • Overall Quality (Qts) 0.56

  • Equiv. Air Volume (Vas) 17.6 L / 0.62 cu.ft.