Ground Zero

GZDSP 4-8XII 8-Channel Digital Signal Processor

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Ground Zero 8-Channel Digital Signal Processor

Description | Specification

In the ’80s and ‘90s we had stand-alone equalizers, crossovers and even phase-shifting devices — all designed to help make your car audio system sound better. A DSP can be used to smooth out differences in acoustics so your music will sound like you are hearing it in person instead of through a speaker. Listening to a speaker in a showroom is a very different experience from hearing that same speaker in a car. All cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and even ATVs have reflections and resonances that change the sound we hear from the speakers due to the acoustics of the environment.

A Digital Signal Processor allows you to manipulate signals from various inputs and allows your speakers to play in a way that they were designed to by cutting out distortion and increasing overall volume.

The Ground-Zero-Audio Digital Signal Processor has a four channel high-level or RCA input, USB connection, optional remote control and auto-on function.

  • 8-channel digital signal processor

  • High-level and line input

  • Real-time setting

  • 2x 28 bit Analog Devices Processor

  • Windows GUI software

  • Separate 10 band equalizer for each channel

  • Time delay

  • Variable crossover

  • Phase correction

  • Automatic turn-on function