iOttie Auto Sense Dash/Windshield Mount Phone Holder

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The future is here thanks to the iOttie Auto Sense (HLCRIo161).  Maximize convenience and power on the road with the following features:

  • Electronically opening and clamping side arms when the phone is sat in the cradle for secure mounting when the phone is within 3″ of the holder.
  • Certified Qi wireless charging of compatible devices
  • Easy retrieval of your smartphone by pressing the release buttons on the side of the holder
  • Suitable for the latest larger-sized/plus-sized phones including Apple and Samsung
  • The internal battery holds a charge to allow the removal of the phone even when your car is turned off

The iOttie Auto Sense automatic clamping wireless charging car mount delivers power and convenience to any vehicle for a safer driving experience.

What Do I Get?

  • iOttie Auto Sense Phone Holder
  • Dual Car Charger with Micro USB
  • Reflective Sticker For matte or mirror finish phones
  • Dashboard Pad
  • 2 Year Warranty

Mounting Type: Dash or Windshield Mount

Wireless Qi Charging Capabilities: Yes