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Bundle Includes:

Front: IS TOY 165 Splits or *IS TOY 165 TWU if no factory tweeter pods
Rear: IC TOY 165 Coaxial Sub:
Subwoofer: PSB 200 8inch Subwoofer Mounted in Sealed Enclosure
Amplifier: Impulse4.320 Power 2x55WattsRMS to Front Speakers, 1x160WattsRMS to Subwoofer
Cables: IW IMP 2.1, IW TOY Y ISO 2006-2019 or IW TOY V2 Y ISO 2020-2023



IS TOY 690 is a two-way component kit with a 6×9‚Äô‚Äôwoofer and a tweeter enabling to equip factory locations up front and improving the musicality of numerous Toyota models. Reliable, neutral and powerful, the compactness and the ergonomics of the IS TOY 690 makes it easy to integrate thanks to the factory connectors.



IC TOY 165 is a two-way coaxial kit with a 6¬Ω” woofer and a tweeter enabling to equip factory locations up front and improving the musicality of numerous Toyota models. Excellent reliability, neutral sound and deep bass, compact and ergonomic, the IC TOY 165 kit has been designed respecting the factory connectors for a real facilitated integration.


Give your head unit a breath of fresh air. Head unit amplifiers (whether OEM or aftermarket) soon reveal their limits in terms of power and dynamics. At high volume, they soon saturate and ruin the listening pleasure. To compensate for this and to enable you to get the best out of your speaker drivers, Impulse 4.320 is the ideal solution. It will give your installation a boost without you having to embark on a difficult installation process.


Compatible with the IMPULSE 4.320 compact 4-channel digital amplifier, the IMP EXTENSION I/O 150 extension cables with Plug & Play connections offer total installation freedom as they can connect each amplifier channel to one of the speaker drivers.


Input/output extension: ‘Input’ to send the audio signal from the main unit to the amplifier and ‘output’ to send the signal leaving the amplifier to the original audio system. 



The Focal Inside TOYOTA Y-ISO HARNESS head unit adaptation cable is designed for the IMPULSE 4.320 compact 4-channel digital amplifierIt allows the quick and simple connection of the Toyota original head unit and of Focal Inside extension cables.


For product updates & specs, visit TOYOTA HILUX POWERED 6.1 PACK - Focal Australia