One of the early attempts by the Japanese giant Honda to compete with the Italian sports car beauties.  So good it was that it's now an iconic classing, and this brilliant yellow sample continues the tradition.

Alpine Australia's finest demonstration vehicle yet, showcasing the flagship products that is Alpine. The Alpine X800 was built by Phatt Audio Concepts in conjunction with many other companies.

Phatt AudIo Concepts is the industry's choice for building wild demo and show cars. We recently finished "White Rush" for Pioneer Electronics Australia.

Alpine's Nitro demonstration vehicle, built by Phatt Audio Concepts is arguably one of Australia's most popular demo cars, years after its completion still attracting crowds.

David Bridge's "Terminator" Toyota Aurion, completed by Phatt Audio Concepts has gone on to achieve the highest score in history of the MEASQ "Show" Series competitions.

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Phatt Audio Concepts are specialists in mobile electronics, integration and vehicle security and arguably one of the most respected names in the industry nation wide.

Responsible for crafting many of  Australia’s demo cars and award winning show cars, Phatt  Audio Concepts have forged a name for themselves and are trusted by discerning vehicle owners with their pride and joy.

With more than 30 years experience modifying vehicles, it’s not unusual to spot a brand new Lamborghini in the workshop one day, a classic Ford, or a late model import the next.

Work with Phatt  Audio Concepts, and you will quickly understand why they are known as ... "The Craftsmen of Car Sound"