Hertz Mille Pro Audio System Pack

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The Mille line is dedicated to enthusiasts yearning for an authentic audiophile listening experience

MPK163.3 | MPX165.3 | MLPOWER5 | MPS250S2

Pack includes:

  • MPK163.3 - Mille Pro 6.5" 3-Way Component Speaker
  • MPX165.3 - Mille  Pro 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker
  • MLPOWER5 - Mille Legend 5 Channel Amplifier
  • MPS250S2 - Mille Pro 10" 2Ohm SVC Shallow Subwoofer

The three way MPK 163.3 system is dedicated to those who want the best: the MP 70.3 midrange featuring Neodymium double magnet inside the coil produces an enthralling mid

range, perfect to combine with the powerful mid-low of the MP 165.3 woofer as well as with the detailed high range of the MP25.3 tweeter. The 20 mm coil of the MP 70.3 maximizes the dynamics; the V-cone® profile enhances off-axis dispersion and the Boundary Free Surround allows for a wider extension towards the low frequency range.

The dedicated MPCX 3.3 crossover provides optimized crossover points to exploit the midrange remarkable extension using ultra-selected components.

The Mille PRO coaxials provide a sound stage and a power handling that can be compared to those of a two way system. The MPX 165.3 coax tweeter concentric to the woofer allows for one single linear-phase emission point, for a natural timbre providing a detailed sound tage. Thanks to the “Center Tuning Duct” geometry, the tweeter resonance frequency is especially low and the employment of damping materials for the inside provides for a linear acoustic emission. The acoustic lens optimizes its off-axis response, which is typical with door installation of coax speakers; besides, the 36 mm diameter woofer generates deep and controlled bass frequencies.

MPX 165.3 3D cut-view showing Concentric Coaxial 20mm Tweeter with Center Tuning Duct


 MPX 165.3 FEM acoustic pressure wave dispersion simulation
at 10kHz in typical door application (45° off-axis)

 Mille power amplifiers are born to fully enhance the outstanding performance of the Mille speakers. The new ADC (ADVANCED D-CLASS TECHNOLOGY) ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency.

ML Power 5The heat sink, engineered with double technology, extrusion and aluminium die-castingenables the Mille Power amplifiers to work constantly at full power without ever overheating, further maximizing thermal efficiency.  The ultra-versatile Hertzaudio car amplifier ML Power 5 (100 W x 4 + 550 W 2 Ω) provides the ability to drive a Mille system including the subwoofer. The HRC BM (Hertz Remote Control Bass Management), low frequencies level remote control, is optional.

Hertz MPS 250 S2 shallow subwoofer has been designed to achieve exceptional performance even when there is very little space available to install the subwoofer box.

MPS 250 is optimized to work in ultra-compact sealed boxesstarting from only 14 Lt (0.49 Cf). A typical example is a subwoofer enclosure under the rear bench of pickup trucks, where the space - and the height - are limited.

Mille PRO shallow subwoofer have a depth/performance ratio never achieved before thanks to the impressive cone excursion capacity which is 20% higher than a traditional design.

This exceptional target has been achieved thanks to the ingenious suspension group design featuring a dedicated support structure for spider and coil. This solution has allowed to move the magnetic group inwards, reducing the depth and at the same time maximizing cone linear excursion.



Sealed enclosure designs provide optimally damped response for tight and accurate bass reproduction offering high energy in the range 20Hz-40Hz. 

MPS 250 S2
Vb l(cu.ft.) 14,2 (0.5)
Fc Hz 47,7
Qtc 0,68
W mm(in.) 386 (15.2)
H mm(in.) 352 (13.86)
D mm(in.) 160 (6.3)
Mounting Hole - M 232 (9.13)
Wood Thickness 16 (0.63)
A mm(in.) 386 x 352 (15.20 x 13.86) Qty 2
B mm(in.) 386 x 128 (15.20 x 5.04) Qty 2
C mm(in.) 320 x 128 (12.60 x 5.04) Qty 2

Where a high SPL bass is desired, and space is not a problem, the Reflex designs are the best choice concentrating most of energy in the 40Hz-80Hz range.

MPS 250 S2 MPS 250 S2
Vb l(cu.ft.) 17 (0.6)
Fb Hz 35
Qtc -
W mm(in.) 660 (25.98)
H mm(in.) 372 (14.65)
D mm(in.) 130 (5.12)
Z mm(in.) 146 (5.75)
P mm(in.) 98 (3.86)
S mm(in.) 50.7 (2)
Mounting Hole - M 232 (9.13)
Wood Thickness 16 (0.63)
A mm(in.) 660 x 372 (25.98 x 14.65 Qty 2
B mm(in.) 660 x 98 (25.98 x 3.86) Qty 2
C mm(in.) 340 x 98 (13.39 x 3.86) Qty 1
D mm(in.) 289 x 98 (11.38 x 3.86) Qty 1
E mm(in.) 549 x 98 (21.68 x 3.86) Qty 1