HDZ-65CS 6-1/2" 2-Way Alpine Status Hi-Res AudioCertified Audiophile Slim-Fit Component Speaker Set

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Alpine Introduces the all-new Alpine Status sound system: using the same engineering and design concepts drawn from the third generation, Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status system, Alpine created “Alpine Status” to achieve High-Resolution Sound at a more approachable and accessible price point. The Alpine Status system is also extremely flexible: all components can be purchased and used in “stand-alone” configuration.

For the audiophile that’s looking to build an ideal sound system, Alpine Status offers a wide range of Hi-Res Audio enabled speakers. The HDZ-65CS Slim-Fit 2-Way speaker set with a high-resolution bandwidth of 55Hz – 40kHz includes a 170mm door woofer and a 40mm Slim-Fit tweeter that is easy to install in original tweeter locations of your car. They also include high-end speaker x-overs.

All speaker cones are made from the same Carbon Composite material to create a unified timbre identity during playback. They get very close to the AlpineF#1Status speakers look and feel, using a very similar constructing and motor assembly, as well as the identical build-materials for highest sound quality.

For any product updates, please refer to the Alpine Australia website only. Visit for available updates.