Custom Installation

At Phatt Audio Concepts, we have created some of Australia’s wildest custom installations, including building demo vehicles for Alpine, Pioneer and Orion, to name a few. 

We can create a custom audio system to suit your needs, from the basic, to the wildest of your imagination.  If you dream it, we can make it happen

With over 40 years combined experience, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ability to overcome problems and deliver a high quality end result.

what we offer

  • Experience and Training

    Our combined industry experience spans over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and continue to attend training to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends.

  • Vision & Creativity

    Skills can be taught, but vision and creativity are inherited. We are privileged to have the vision and artistic flair required to be specialists in our field, and apply it to all our projects.

  • Ability & Technique

    We work with the world's best materials suppliers and have refined many techniques that are unique to Phatt Audio Concepts. Our skills have been refined over the last twenty years, and using the right product along with the right technique is the Phatt Audio Concepts difference.

The Team

Phatt Audio Concepts Team